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Book Chapters

MacDonald, C., Szto, C. & Edwards, J. (2017). The Game That No One Saw: Evaluating the cultural citizenship and legitimacy of women’s professional hockey through the Inaugural Women’s Winter Classic. In A.N. Milner & J.H. Braddock II (eds.), Women in Sports: Breaking Barriers, Facing Obstacles.

Szto, C. & Gruneau, R. (forthcoming). The Evolution of an Artifact: The significance of the Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi broadcast. In J. Anderson & J. Ellison (eds.), Hockey in Canada: More than just a game.

Master’s Thesis

Serving up change? Corporate social responsibility as a tool for social change: A case analysis of the UNESCO-WTA partnership for global gender equality.

Published Elsewhere/Media Interviews

The Rabbit Hole (personal blog)

Hockey in Society (Assistant Editor)Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 2.45.50 PM

Interrupt Magazine

  • DIY Feminism (January 2014)
  • What kind of Asian am I? (July 2013)
  • I used to be a tomboy (May 2013)

Rabble Op-ed: We make exercise scary: A call for physical literacy (January 2014)

Delirious Hem: Wrestling with gender norms: the Fighting Cholitas of Bolivia (December 2014)

BlogHer: Why the term “tomboy” needs to go (October 2012, syndicated post)

The All-Rounder: Was 2015 really the year of “Women in Sports”? (January, 2016)

The Province: Canucks in China: Newcomers to Vancouver warming to the game [Interview] (September 17, 2017)


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